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Just going to list a few parts that I have laying around the garage from my 199 Firehawk and a few parts that I have aquired over time that I've dragging around and not using. All parts are listed with buyer pays shipping unless noted otherwise.

2x 17x9" American Racing Torque Thrust M wheels. Anthracite with polished lip. Very minor curb rash and have no tires mounted on them. Asking $200

1 Set of stock takeoff springs from 1995 Firehawk. $30 obo

1x Stock LT1 (Gen II) intake manifold. $50 obo

1x 17x8" Speedline wheel with no tire. Looks like a stock 1995 firehawk wheel but is 17x8" instead of 17x9.5". Not sure exactly where it came from but the guy I bought my hawk from got it on ebay from a wrecked hawk and held it for a spare. he never knew it was smaller, only way I noticed was I had the stock wheels sitting next to in the garage and saw that it was narrower. $80

1x Stock LT1 takeoff oil pan and windage tray. $20

List will be updated with new parts when I discover them and parts removed as they are sold.
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