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Interesting. So if I want a car that doesn't feel as controlled as the SS, but is fun to look at and more fun to drive because the SS doesn't "feel" as fast, then all I have to do is pony up an extra ten thousand dollars and I can buy the SRT Charger? I should have thought of that. Of course, if my car weighs in at 3931 pounds(no spare) and I added a Roto-Fab CAI that gave it an additional 14-15 HP, then my power to weight ratio is about 9.15 pounds per HP, whereas the SRT comes in at 4371 with a power to weight ratio of 9.3 pounds per HP. This and the six speed vs the five speed in the SRT should make up the .1 in the 0 to 60 times they posted in the review(s).
In the end, the SS handles better, sounds better, is more refined and can be had for ten grand less when comparibly equipped. And you may be able to make it faster by spending 350 bucks on a CAI.
Reminds me of another argument comparing two heavyweights. Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. Both fantastic, one quick and agile, the other an in your face bruiser that had maybe the best punch ever. Different styles but both fantastic in their own ways, just like these cars. Personally I prefer finesse over brute force, you never know when you'll run into Buster Douglas at a stop light...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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