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Electronic Stability Control On/Off

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Owners- how is the ESC? Is it intrusive? Is it truly off when turned off? Do you all keep it on or off?
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Iowa winters would also like an on/off switch for this feature. It would be nice if it just came on above 20mph or something. I "plowed" like you for many years to stop, sometimes that was the best, most effective means of stopping. Now when the pedal pushes back and you keep going it is not only unnerving but also gives you(at least me) a sense of panic because I am now officially not in control of my own car, a computer is.
I usually turn off t/c, or put it in competition mode unless highway driving, esp. with family. Both of the above still let stabilitrac work, but if I drop the hammer and it downshifts to 2nd with a little wheel spin the computer nannies won't smack my face on the steering wheel...
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1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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