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Electronic Stability Control On/Off

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Owners- how is the ESC? Is it intrusive? Is it truly off when turned off? Do you all keep it on or off?
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In this part of the country I always turn off the traction control, otherwise you'll get stuck. Doesn't work on ice and snow. I forgot to turn it off on my other car on my way to work last week and I got stuck in the driveway, turned it off, and was able to go. They need to install an "off" for the ABS as well. Keeps you from stopping, my last car without ABS stopped in half the distance by "snow plowing" the front wheels. Old fashioned "pump the brakes" works better. First car with ABS, and I sailed through a stop sign at 20 MPH, car never even slowed on the ice. I was going 20, felt the ABS vibrating the pedal, and when I was completely through the intersection, still going 20. ABS kept the wheels turning when I really wanted them to stop turning.
Around here I've heard many people refer to the traction control as the "traction inhibitor".
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hmm. Never tried that, so if I let off the brakes some, will it lock the wheels to snow plow the front tires? Another snow storm coming this week, I can try that.
Found this on the web:
Effects of Snow on ABS

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) explained in a comprehensive report that ABS increases stopping distances on surfaces covered with gravel, snow, or other loose materials. In such situations, a locked tire digs into the snow or gravel, pushing it forward and forming a wedge in front of the tire, which brings the vehicle to a stop. Since ABS works by preventing the skid, that wedge never forms, though the driver's ability to steer may be restored.
  • We learned this as "snow plowing" during driver's ed. before ABS was invented, and had to practice in vacant store lots.

    Read more: How Do ABS Brakes Work in the Ice & Snow? | eHow

    I know some people in my area pull the fuse to the ABS, because steering the vehicle is not the issue, stopping is. I have experienced this first hand over and over again, but have stopped short of pulling the fuse. If letting up a little allows the brakes to stay on, then that is the solution I've needed all these snowy winters. A switch would be easier.
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Iowa winters would also like an on/off switch for this feature. It would be nice if it just came on above 20mph or something. I "plowed" like you for many years to stop, sometimes that was the best, most effective means of stopping. Now when the pedal pushes back and you keep going it is not only unnerving but also gives you(at least me) a sense of panic because I am now officially not in control of my own car, a computer is.
I know that unnerving feeling, and too often, it's like the car has no brakes as you glide through the intersection. So far, knock on wood, I've been lucky no one was coming. My experiences have been double the stopping distance on snow and three times on ice.

The way I was taught was to press hard into the brake, and when the back end just starts to kick out, get off, let the car straighten, then hard again on the brakes -pumping done the right way. I always felt in control and stopped quickly. Unfortunately with ABS, I can't seem to get the car to stop like I used to. I'm going to try a suggestion above and let up on the brakes to just before ABS kicks in, see if that works. Nor'easter this week, to try it out. I'll be using my other car, SS only comes out above 40F. I think next winter, like so many others, I'm pulling the fuse!

The "traction inhibitor" is another useless item, always have to remember to turn it off.
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Bringing up an old thread here instead of making a new one. When stability control is turned off, why does the steering get so tight? Its like a third of the power steering is gone. Is this right?
Ah, back to winter, summer has faded. Had to drive the winter car to work twice this week because the temperatures were in the low 30's. News showed which ski area's are already open and which ones are scrambling to open as soon as they can. Next 3 days should be close to 40 when I leave the house, the SS's day's are numbered. :(

I've noticed the car handles very differently when it's 40 out, the tires do feel hard, and the back end kicked out on me once, and I really wasn't pushing at all...Really!

Soon, we'll be seeing all those car pile ups, as the white stuff blankets us.:dry:
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Turn mine off all the time to get better steering. Those systems rarely engage, and like never under normal everyday driving.
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