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Electronic Stability Control On/Off

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Owners- how is the ESC? Is it intrusive? Is it truly off when turned off? Do you all keep it on or off?
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It is certainly intrusive (and a big limit on acceleration) when going WOT with cold tires in cool weather (without competition mode especially)

On a cool 50 degree morning here with tires that haven't been warmed up if I go WOT in sport mode, the car seems to spend practically half it's time cutting the power to the wheels.

Granted I would probably be getting wheel spin otherwise, but would still likely be better straight line performance. I anticipate it being much less intrusive when the hot weather comes.

going WOT in sport mode in "competition mode" (i.e. some stabilitrak and restrained TCS) doesn't produce any wheel spin, clearly the best option in cool weather/cold tire situations.

So on the whole I'd say it's unnecessarily intrusive in cool weather.

Edit : You could of course probably also make the TCS "hush up" quite a bit by draining a few PSI off the tires..
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