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Dyno results of Roto-Fab and livernois tune.

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Today I put my car on the dyno at LG motor sports in the DFW area. Temp was about 55F with over 80% humidity. I've had the roto-fab CAI and livernois tune for about 2 weeks now. Before you ask I don't have a dyno run before the update so bear with me. Typically LGs dynojet reads a little low compared to what I see at others. For reference they see about 320 whp for A6 L99 camaros and about 350 whp for A6 LS3 vettes. So I figure our cars should be around 330 whp to 335 whp on their setup. I put down a best run of 367 whp and 366 tq. Average of three pulls was 363whp and 361 tq. All in all very good for a CAI and a tune!!! I hope this helps those looking for third party independent testing :).
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Me too :) Hopefully we can get ours to the track soon!
Me three :). BTW Andy, good job on these tunes. Regardless of before and after numbers the experience after the tune is GREAT!
Hello all, I just added my dyno pulls. Some additional details...

The guys at LG motorsports were gracious enough to email me my dyno runs after I asked them to do so. So I went ahead downloaded and installed the dynojet software (from the dynojet's website) and was able to browse my runs more clearly. This time I adjusted the smoothing to level 5 and correction factor (CF) to STD to resemble more what the guys at livernois do. Interestingly my car got a little stronger from first pull to last... I should have kept going :).


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