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Don't you want GM to give you this.....

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Stickshift SS Sedan (aka Holden SSV)

What could we do to get GM to offer this and the LT1 in the SS Sedan ????
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I special ordered a Pontiac Firebird Formula back in '98.Came with a manual trans. It was fun rowing through the gears for the first week or so. Seems my left knee which was injured in a bad cycle accident back in '93, wasn't as thrilled. I was able to give it back to the dealership with just over 400 miles showing and picked up a new Grand Prix GT.

So in my case, you can keep all manual trans 4 wheeled vehicles. A robust auto trans is best for me. Besides, don't most drag racers prefer an auto trans for best results down the drag strip?

I agree that the upcoming SS should come with both trans set-ups, but can't fully understand , especially with a larger car like this, why there aren't more people pro auto trans. A small car like a Miata or domestic econo-boxes sure, a manual trans seems a no brainer. Both transmissions offer pros and cons.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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