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Don't you want GM to give you this.....

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Stickshift SS Sedan (aka Holden SSV)

What could we do to get GM to offer this and the LT1 in the SS Sedan ????
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Yep we're only getting the 6 litre. It was confirmed when printed an article saying it would be identicle and the show car they saw at launch had a LS3.
Bloody fools they are. At launch the media were told the show car had the 6 litre. The website had to do a retraction article saying Aus gets the 6 litre and the US get LS3.

I still cant see why they can't offer the manual straight up as production doesn't even start for Aussie spec cars until sometime toward the end of April.
It's not that they can't offer a manual trans; they have opted not to extend engineering resources to calibrate what they see as a low priority option. It should be there for 2015 after someone at GM gets off their collective bottoms and performs the calibrations...
With all due respect, I am SO tired of people making excuses for GM.
Some of which, are completely pulled out of their asses.

GM should have AT LEAST launched the SS Sedan with a TR6060 and a LT1.
End of story.
I'm not making excuses; merely pointing out what I believe is true. I worked and left there for 24 years and I know how the process operates. You can berate GM for being lazy, not in touch with market, and many other things but you are not going to chide them into offering something they don't have to. Malibu and Regal and other product lines = 4 cylinder motors. New Cadillac soon to be shown sitting on the Chevy Volt chassis and powertrain. Camaro's with turbo 4's. Some of us remember the 3rd Gen Camaro with 4 cylinders and how that all worked out. The market spoke and GM listened but not until they discovered TPI.

The writing on the wall is different this time with turbo's and CAFE. You might like to argue with CAFE and GM but your efforts will meet with little success. Suggest you give up on the LT1; it simply isn't going to happen. We will be fortunate if GM does indeed install the M6 as rumored...
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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