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Did my bow ties today

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I ordered the vinyl overlay kit from Fanatic Auto Trends for about $10.00. Also splurged for a new X-Acto knife. Just cleaned the bow ties with alcohol, put on overlay material and took time to squeegee and fit corners good, then cut in seam and peeled off excess and re smoothed it all. I made one small bad cut , merely placed a small sliver of vinyl over it and blended perfectly. Great results for under $15.00 and 30 minutes.
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There's always plasti-dip! :) I did both bowties, and side vents


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Wow ! With the river gums in the background, that photo could have been taken in any country Australian town !
Thats what I have been told haha. Its actually Vandenberg AFB, California! Maybe it makes my SS feel its Holden heritage lol
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