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Out of the market for an SS, as life changes, I traded in my Cruze today for a Sonic RS HB. It's a 6-speed manual (my first manual) and it's red. My girlfriend has one in black and I really enjoy the car. Cheaper payment.

Now for the intent of this thread. When I had my Monte Carlo I changed the chrome/white SS badges to red through a site that escapes me right now. They sold all kinds of colors and could even black out the bowtie. The Sonic is Red Hot and the RS badge is red too and I would like to make it black. Anyone know the or a website that offers as such? Thanks!
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If your feeling crafty at all, you could just pickup some vinyl of your liking and use it.
I wouldn't know where to get stuff like that? I don't mind doing it, I just know there is it was a site that had them already fit to apply.
You can normally get vinyl at sign shops or flea markets is a good place as well. Some sign shops will even just give away scraps.
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