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I posted this in another thread:

Not sure where the best forum is for this but for Silicon Valley peeps, I went to Courtesy Chevrolet in San Jose on Saturday and saw with my own eyes red, white and black SSs on the property! Each had a sign in the window saying "for display purposes only." Salesman offered me a test drive, but I declined (what was I thinking??). I am definitely interested in a 2015 but didn't want to tempt fate by driving one today. Oh, and they had something like a $3k markup on each one, and I think that all 3 had a $495 "window tinting" done to them. No one else was looking at them at the time other than me, but I wouldn't take that as any indication. I did succumb to temptation as one of them was open and I did get in--it was very comfortable and I'm a big guy...oh, ****, who am I kidding? I'm a fat guy, but seemed like it would be a breeze to find a comfortable driving position, and the seat felt great. Not sure that it would be too comfortable for anyone sitting behind me, however, but I don't think that I would have had the seat all of the way back (which I usually have to do). I am definitely excited about the prospect for next model year!
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