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This setup is brand new, but I decided I want something different, so I am selling these.

The main goal of this wheel & tire package was to get wider tires while reducing wheel-well/tire gap so the car would look better, without having to modify or touch the suspension. The end result is what you see here – wheels & tires larger than stock, with reduced gap.

The wheels were made-to-order from VS Forged. I spent a lot of time determining the perfect offsets to accommodate wider and taller tires. The new wheels and tires are bigger in width and diameter than stock, but they run at stock suspension height, without rubbing.

Here are the details -

  • VS Forged VS01
  • Front: 20x9 +44
  • Rear: 20x10 +52
  • Color: Brushed w/Clearcoat
  • Falken Azenis FK510
  • Front: 275/35-ZR20
  • Rear: 295/35-ZR20
The price for this setup is $3,750 and includes the following:
  • 4 x VS Forged VS01 wheels (2 x 20x9 front, 2 x 20x10 rear)
  • 4 x VS Forged forged aluminum center caps
  • 4 x Falken Azenis FK510 (2 x 275/35-20 front, 2 x 295/35-20 rear)
  • 4 x VDO 315Mhz Redi-Sensors
Everything is brand-new except for the front tires (I removed those from a different set of wheels). The fronts have less than 50% tread left, so I am throwing those in for free.

Despite the fact that forged aluminum wheels commonly go for well over $1K each, I am only looking to get back what I put into this package, nothing more. So the price is pretty much the price.

As far as shipping goes, buyer pays for shipping. If you want to meet, I am in Albuquerque, NM, but would be willing to meet someone as far west as Gallup, NM (next to Arizona), as far east as Tucumcari, NM (next to Texas), and as far north as Colorado Springs, CO.

Also, I have friends in El Paso, TX, so I would be willing to meet someone in El Paso if that works better for you.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM.

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