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CTSV2 - wheels and front brakes question

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Will the 09+ CTS-V wheels and front brakes work on the new SS?

I have the V wheels and brakes on my G8 - and if this stuff will bolt on like it did on my Pontiac - you might convince me to start shopping for an SS sooner than later.

Here they are on my G8:

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Aren't the Brembos on the SS the same as the CTS-V?
Nope, SS = 4 piston; CTS-V(1) = 4; CTS-V(2) = 6 (2009+)
The GXP wheels are stupid expensive - and hard to come by.

Why would I buy another 2+ grand worth of tires and wheels when I already have these?
Right on...CTS-V look better in my opinion and I like that they are staggered.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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