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Color changes for 2015

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Please tell me that (I) the pace car blue and (ii) some shade of orange will be offered as colors for 2015. I'd also like to see black or gray wheels offered as options, along with black trim.

I will do a day one order if any of these options are confirmed.
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Funny. I tried to buy one of the Prototype Nascar pace cars and there was a blue one in the Chevrolet travel display also but it was a no-go. get this, Chevy had 16 ( I think that's correct ) protos made and was told by Chevy that they will all be crushed and none would be sold. Why show the blue yet not have it available. Have been told that the hottest color available for used G8GXP is the blue with only a couple hundred ever being produced
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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