Price change to FREE

I’m taking it to scrap if nobody wants it. Shipping will be nuts on this so better to get it locally. I hate to trash it but I need the space.

This was in my 14 when I bought it this summer. I noticed last month that there was a sweet smell under the hood and I noticed a very small drip from the radiator. Checked all hoses and clamps, sure enough it was coming from the rad itself. I photographed where it was dripping. Mind you, not even enough coming out to touch the ground.

If you’ve got access to a radiator shop/tester, you’ll have a great deal on a fully aluminum radiator. I just bought a GM Denso stock one to replace it.

Shipping is an issue as this thing is BIG. I’ve got the GM box my new one came in, I’ll pack it up safely but you’ve got to help me find a way to ship. I can drop at UPS, FedEx or USPS but I need your help to get shipping labels done.

PayPal is my preferred method for payment, protects us both.