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Coil Packs

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Anyone familiar with or try Accel Super Coil Packs (140043)? Cheap enough, but don't know about gains, or if I'd need to tune for them. For now I want to keep my warranty and do simple mods like CAI, catback and some engine dress up.
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Stay AWAY from aftermarket coils and wires. No reason to upgrade ever. You're welcome.:biggrin:
I agree. A few years ago I was invited to tour "Turnkey Engine Supply" in Oceanside, CA. They are builders of some pretty wild LS engines. Colby Unger, the owner, told me, when I noticed that his engines had stock appearing coil packs, that you should not waste your time on aftermarket packs at this time. He found numerous failures with one particular brand. I will not bad mouth them because they do make a very good ignition system for non coil on plug ignitions.
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