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If you wish to make a new thread to sell an item and/or vehicle you must post the following or run the risk of thread closure without warning.
Edit 8/12/2018: The following four items must be included in the opening post for the thread to meet these requirements and remain open.
Location --
even if price includes shipping
Accurate Description of the item
Pictures of the actual item being offered

(Preferably accompanied with a piece of paper with your username and Date)

You may only list your item for sale ONCE. If you duplicate the newest post will be deleted.
Do not list your items in another seller's thread.

Be detailed in your post. Be honest and be humble. If your item is well loved, let it be said.
If it is brand new, of course boast that.

However, understand that the likelihood of a premium price is minimal, so again, be humble in your asking price.

The classifieds are intended for use by individuals offering items for sale on an occasional basis. They are not for use by vendors, businesses, nor sellers operating a "garage style" side business. Those are limited to the vendor section with vendor credentials. Threads of this type will be removed on discovery.

We HIGHLY encourage you to only accept payment or send payment through Paypal. Never send your payment as a GIFT or you run the risk of losing any leverage if the seller defaults on his/her end. Be wise and cautious. We don't want to discourage people from transactions, but understand we are not responsible for any transactions that result in any form of default, whether by payment or item.

If you make attempts to contact the defaulting party and no return contact is made, please notify the Administrator and Moderators of the offending member. We also encourage that you post on the Bad Buyer/Seller Thread for negative experiences.
Have a seamless transaction? Please post on our "Good Buyer/Seller Thread" and let us know that a Member is A-OK!

Additional rules for established threads:
Criticism of the price, quality or other issues with the item being offered for sale should by done by e-mail or PM -- if you feel you must comment. Posts of this nature in the seller's thread will be deleted on discovery and may result in infractions being issued to the offender.

Do not post your own items for sale in another seller's thread. This is a violation of forum etiquette and subject to removal on discovery with the potential for infractions to be issued to the offender. You are free to start your own sale thread in the appropriate section.

Posts in an existing classified listing should be directly related to the items offered. Price negotiations or general comments to the seller or other posters should be done by email or PM. Thread clutter will be removed on discovery.

Bumps of classified threads are limited to no more than one per day with longer intervals preferred. Multiple bumps of the same thread in the same day by the thread OP will result in its removal from view.

The classifieds are for your convenience, benefit and enjoyment. Abuse may result in adverse actions against offenders and possible loss of the feature to the entire forum.

Thank you for your cooperation!
The Mod Team
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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