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Chrome handles

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Does anyone plan on having this professionally painted or keeping the chrome handles?
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I will keep them. I am sure crazy Paul can get colored matched handles.
Neither GM or Holden sell the handles painted.
There's unpainted passive entry non-chrome handle sets listed but I have no stock locally to go and look at. Holden have no ETA for supply of the handle kits.

Each door needs a long piece and a short "thumb" piece.
The Parts drawing only shows the long pieces as being included in each kit.
But then they have a number for a front kit and another number for a rear kit.
The long handles are the same on every door, so the only reason to distinguish between a front and rear kit would be if the short "thumbs" are included in each kit.
Both "thumbs" at the rear have no keyhole & at the front only one of the thumbs does have a keyhole.

Soooo the Parts info contradicts itself. It can't really be sorted out until stock is available to be viewed.
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Non-Chrome, Passive Entry, Door Handle......2 pieces per door.

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