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Chevrolet SS Will be Made to Order

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Buyers interested in getting their hands on the 2014 Chevrolet SS will have to be patient, as the sporty sedan will be made to order from Australia.

As unfortunate as it sounds to have to wait at least three months for an ordered SS to make it to American soil, the policy has been put in place to protect Holden’s South Australian workforce. The Chevrolet SS is the American automaker’s version of the Holden VF Commodore, and Holden wants to ensure the export program is stable for the long term.

General Motors North America CEO and former Holden Chairman, Mark Reuss, confirmed the policy to Drive in Australia. Undoubtedly the policy comes in place after the failed attempts of bringing in the GTO and G8, both of which were part of the Holden export program. Excess stock on dealership lots caused prices to be cut and ultimately ruined the value of the vehicles.

So orders will be taken in the United States for the SS and the cars will be built in South Australia before getting shipped. All this will ideally occur within a 90-day window.
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GM Geniuses:

If you can't build a car outside the US that you can sell competitively inside the US, don't build the car. Only twelve year old boys do something because it would be really super cool, without any consideration for the feasibility, practicality or consequences. That's why they should not strap a bottle rocket onto the back of their kid sister's hamster, and you should not build cars in Australia that you can't realistically sell here. You want to know what I can do in a 90 day window? Test drive and buy 90 other cars.

Holden Geniuses:

Protecting your workforce at the expense of your customers is like protecting your condom collection at the expense of your girlfriend.


Thanks for the 05 GTO. Seriously, it may have been the most fun and enjoyable car I've ever owned.


Yes, my avatar is available to GM for licensing for commercial use, as is the slogan "SS...You can't spell Ass Rape without it!". Because I actually had to import the avatar and the slogan from my cousin in Australia, I'm afraid I need to charge you 25% more than its worth to make sure my Avatar & Slogan import program has a bullet proof future.

You're welcome.
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