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Chevrolet takes yet one more step towards winning the next year’s NASCAR championship. They are releasing a new model known simply as the SS, and perfectly named as its simplicity is going to win the championship for them.

The car was first viewed in an auto show in Las Vegas in the month of November of this year. This first peek of the car was enough to interest a huge crowd about the car.

The model of the car is specifically built as a Sports car, or rather a Super Sports car. The on road version of the car is still in the planning stage of the car, and the manufacturing is yet to begin.

The on road version will not be manufactures in the United States, but will call Australia as its motherland. This comes as a big loss for the States as the car is going to be nothing less than a grand success.

The car is based on the Zeta architecture. This particular type of architecture has already been used in some car models over the year. So when the SS will be released in the year 2014, the architecture will already be known to many.

The engine of the car is most probably going to be a V8. This has been the favourite engine type of all leading sports car manufacturers. This engine has been proved to be packed with so much power that it overflows. It is a high capacity (about 6.2litres) supercharged engine that can produce up to 580 horsepower easily .It is the ideal engine for a Super Sports car.
The design of the SS is not entirely unique, but quite fascinating. The roofline and the hard points of the car are somewhat similar to the G8 but still all the other aspects of the design are new.

The car has an all aluminium body. This makes the car super light, an essential feature for any sports car. The lighter the car is, the more speed it can gain. The design of the aluminium body is so made that the heat from the engine can escape.

The aggressive bumper and the aerodynamically ideal front of the car make it perfect for the tracks. The honeycomb grille of the Chevrolet helps it distinguish from the sedan.

There are additional features added to the car to make it safer and steadier at high speeds. A lip spoiler has been added exactly for this purpose. This feature also adds to the appealing looks of the car.

The chassis of the car is also expected to undergo some improvement. The details of these improvements are still unknown but some modifications are surely going to be there. The technological aspect of the car is also expected to see some changes to make it at par with the other technologically advances sports cars.

The transmission might be a six speed manual one, which is most likely. Suspension and braking system of the car should also be up to the standards. With all changes made the car might be invincible.

Chevrolet SS the probable winner of NASCAR championship
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