Price includes shipping in the U.S (except for a few places). A few bucks cheaper if your local to me.
Price : $170 each

Brand NEW!!!

Never been programmed GM key fobs. I was able to obtain a few brand NEW key fobs and a few more brand NEW OEM Holden Key fob logos. No marks anywhere. The logo is NOT a flat or dome decal. The logo is an original OEM raised resin Holden logo. The logos were NOT removed from an old Holden key fob.

NEW key fob with a blank key with a NEW OEM Holden logo is what you will receive.

I have a few for the A6. All M6 ones are sold. Sorry.

The original Holden key fobs that are available from Australia do not work in the U.S since they use a different frequency than our key fobs. Plus they are more expensive.

I have already sold several of these Key Fobs to forum members. I just want to make it clear that the only reason the remotes are a little more expensive than the last time around is that the key fobs themselves are more expensive and the OEM Holden Logos are getting even more difficult to obtain and more expensive.

Message me if you have any questions.