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Chevrolet will show its SS wearing racing trim in Las Vegas on November 29.

When it reaches the market, this will be Chevrolet’s latest attempt to sell a Holden-based rear-wheel drive V8 car in the U.S. November’s event in Las Vegas will be the first time the car will be shown without any camouflage, although it won’t be the production version.

As Chevrolet’s entrant in the 2013 NASCAR season, the car will be different than the road car. Despite that, it will probably give a good idea of what to expect from the street-legal SS which is expected to launch February 21, 2013.

More: Chevrolet SS Headed to Las Vegas in Race Trim on

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The problem this Chevy SS NASCAR is that it will just show parts of the Chevy SS that we will see on the production model, the rest will be hidden by stickers and vinyl that hides the body lines. Still better than nothing.

Tomorrow will be a good day :D
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