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Chevrolet SS @ Dale Earnhardt Day 2013

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Dale Earnhardt Day 2013
Monday, April 29th
This Monday, at Dale Earnhardt Day 2013, will be a rare opportunity for you to come and marvel at the upcoming 2014 Chevrolet SS. This true performance sedan truly lives up to the Super Sport moniker by housing a 415hp 6.2L V8 engine with a rear wheel drive powertrain. The Chevrolet SS's impressive performance and technology leave little doubt as to why GM chose to pattern their NASCAR Sprint Cup Series entry after it.

This car has rarely been shown outside of its unveiling at the Daytona 500. So this is your one chance to come and experience up close and personal!
Also on hand will be the GM Performance Tour truck and display. This display can be found at the races around the country showcasing the latest and greatest in GM performance technology.

So come and enjoy all of the attractions available for your viewing enjoyment at Dale Earnhardt Incorporated between 10am and 6pm on Monday the 29th of April.

Chevrolet SS Arriving at Dale Earnhardt Inc. for Dale Day 2013
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Here is a possible senario of how this will play out............

NASCAR fan/poetntial buyer: Hey where can I get me one of them?

GM Rep: Well once you lay down your non refundable deposit you'll get one sometime after 90 days.

NASCAR fan/ no longer potential buyer: I can't drive one before I buy it?

GM Rep: We are trying to insure that there isn't an over supply of SS sedans on dealers lots. Hey where are you going?!?

NASCAR fan/no longer potential buyer: P*ss on that. You can keep it.
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