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Sucks for people in Israel....

You would think that with Chevrolet’s release of its high-powered SS sports sedan, a lot of countries would be chomping at the bit to have the car come to their roads.

Apparently, that’s not the case in Israel.

According to the Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth via the Times of Israel, the Chevrolet SS will not be imported to Israel because it’s "Super Sport" name, or at least the shortened "SS" version of it, is similar to the Schutzstaffel, a paramilitary unit headed by one Heinrich Himmler under Adolf Hitler’s long reign of terror in Nazi Germany.

The same Yedioth report quoted Baruch Shuv, manager of the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and chairman of the Organization of Partisans, Underground Fighters and Ghetto Rebels, saying that “the use of [the SS] name is very inappropriate."

"It is not a name that will bring them pride or success,” Shuv added.

Granted, we understand the position Israel is taking, and we’re not going to belittle the significance of the Jewish people’s plight during one of the most oppressive times in history, but c’mon guys… It’s an abbreviation for “Super Sport,” not some anti-Jewish conspiracy.

It’s also worth noting that this is the first time Chevrolet is branding the initials SS exclusively and not using the full Super Sport name on the model.

And if Israel has a big and justified problem with the use of the SS name and is taking the measure of keeping the car out of their country, then that’s their prerogative.
Chevrolet SS Banned in Israel Because the "SS" Reminds Them Of The Nazis - Top Speed

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It's a Super Sport, not a Nazi organization.
They'll just call it a Caprice if they offer it in the middle east, like they have been doing with other Holdens for years.
What a stupid "decision" and thread.....

Probably a proper name like Chevelle!
Good Idea.
The SS should have been given the iconic Chevelle name along with iconic features and performance.
Too bad it didn't receive any of the above.

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Even if it won't be available for sale in the middle east I noticed vehicle import laws in the middle east are nearly non-existent from what it seems to be.

I always see them getting brand new cars shipped over privately.

Apparently Canada won't be getting the 2014 Chevy SS
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