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It would be really nice to have this power plant in the Chevy SS, even more in the next gen smaller Alpha platform SS

A leaked image of what some believe to be the engine bound for Chevrolet’s next range-topping Corvette is circulating.

The image comes via Corvette enthusiast forum Past reports have suggested that the next high-level Corvette – likely called the Z07 – might use a turbo setup instead of a blower, but this picture seems to refute that. There’s a supercharger pulley visible and a top-mounted intercooler.

Chevrolet hasn’t made any official announcements about its plan for a higher performing model, so it’s anyone’s guess when the bow tie brand’s next beast will show up. One thing is for sure: The Stingray isn’t having any problems stirring buyer excitement.

GM is having trouble keeping up with demand, dealers are charging ludicrous premiums and orders are backing up like Los Angeles traffic in rush hour

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It would be really nice to have this power plant in the Chevy SS, even more in the next gen smaller Alpha platform SS

That's not a corvette trans mounted to it they have transaxles in rear.
Very nice though but at 20000 for a zr1 engine imagine that added to your SS 45000 price tag lets say 10 to 15 you get the picture.:coolpics:

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I thought it was confirmed the DCT is still transversely mounted.. I remember 1K was saying something about that as the reason it couldn't be slipped into the SS...

Confirmed by 1Klown? Surely you jest. I have no knowledge of the end use of the DCT schematic that was posted or what the trans/clutch is on the Z07 engine that was leaked, just posing an idea.

Did find this :
Don’t get too hung up on the fact it has a conventional engine-mounted transmission instead of a torque tube and transaxle – for testing purposes it’s a lot simpler to use a conventional transmission.

Then there is this from Left Lane News:

General Motors' Chevrolet Corvette Stingray could be in line for a new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The new Corvette Stingray is launching with an optional six-speed automatic transmission, but a recent patent application indicates the C7 might soon get a gearbox upgrade – the application, which was discovered by fan site, is for a seven-speed dual-clutch unit.

No vehicle was named in the application, but the Corvette makes the most sense. A dual-clutch gearbox would put the C7 on even ground with other high-end sports cars.

It's possible that GM could reserve the dual-clutch transmission for top-spec versions of the Corvette – such as the Z06-replacing Z07 – but we'd put our money on a widespread rollout. We also wouldn't be surprised to see future Cadillac V models make use of the tranny too.

No timeframe for launch has been revealed, but it will probably be a couple of years before the seven-speed makes production.
Read more at Chevrolet Corvette Stingray to get 7-spd dual-clutch transmission? | New and Used Car Reviews & Auto-Industry News & LeftLaneNews

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