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So here’s a little different comparo -- when I began thinking seriously about getting a new SS I started looking on-line for reviews of the 2009 G8 GXP, the current Holden Commodore and the Chevy Caprice PPV. I found some great reviews of the G8 from 2009 and I also found a reference to a police department that had purchased Caprice PPVs in 2011. I called the police department to try to get information on the performance and reliability of their Caprice PPVs. The department directed me to the City Office, who directed to the Fleet Maintenance Office, who connected me to the Fleet Maintenance Manage who oversaw Caprice maintenance.

The Manager told me that the department purchased several Caprices and Dodge Chargers at the same time in 2011. He said the Chargers and Caprices had been “flogged” (his term) by the officers driving them so that their experience might not be the same as mine. He reported that the Chargers had constant, major maintenance problems (especially front end and engine) but that the Caprices needed only routine maintenance and been had been completely problem-free. He said that he had never actually driven a Caprice but he had heard good things about them from the officers.

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PPV's are out there....

By all means, go for it--the pickin's are getting slim, and be careful to watch for V6 cars in the 2012 MY - 2011 is V8 only & all V8's are 6.0 (L77 - AFM w/Flex Fuel). jat63 is right, 9C3....if you can find one!

Find Your Car: Chevrolet Caprice Listings Near Rockledge, FL 32955 -[CHEV[CAP[]][]]&sortBy=distanceASC

This link is from the New Caprice website: New Caprice.Com

I considered myself very lucky a year ago...bought a "used" 2011 PPV with 23 miles on the odometer when I first test-drove it! Built in June 2011, arrived at dealer in Sept 2011, sat in dealer storage lot for over a year. Warranty activation date was July 30 2012, when the car became "used", thus available for public sale!!!
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