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Callaway Chevrolet SS SC570 Sedan - Everything You Need To Know

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Callaway Chevrolet SS SC570 Sedan

570 HP Super Sedan Overview

All new for 2014, Callaway engineers have transformed the Chevrolet SS into a world-class performance sedan. Room for five, yet every bit a super car, the Callaway SS shares many powertrain components with the Callaway Camaro. Chevrolet’s 6.2 liter V8, 6-speed automatic transmission, sophisticated traction control, Brembo® brakes and sport-tuned suspension with 50/50 weight distribution provide an excellent platform for Callaway’s engineering team. Callaway supercharging, high-flow intake and low restriction exhaust systems increase the SS’ power to 570 bhp* (SAE). With typical Callaway sophistication, precise electronic powertrain control calibration ensures that drivability is perfect, while providing virtually unchanged fuel mileage and 50-state exhaust emission compliance.

Callaway SS sedans are modified to stringent engineering standards exclusively by expert technicians at Callaway factories in Old Lyme, Connecticut, and Santa Ana, California. They are demonstrated and sold by a network of Callaway Authorized Dealers across the US and Canada. Callaway Authorized Dealers are trained to maintain and service all Callaway cars and trucks; however, warranty repairs may be performed by any Chevrolet dealership. Callaway’s three year, 36,000 mile warranty overlaps General Motors’ coverage and Callaway Engineering can supply parts and technical assistance to your Chevrolet dealer.

Standard Equipment
  • Eaton Roots-style TVS2300 supercharger
  • Liquid-to-air intercooler, integral to intake manifold base (pat. pend.)
  • Increased flow rate fuel injectors
  • Callaway high flow intake system
  • Callaway low restriction exhaust system
  • Callaway badging, exterior and interior
  • Callaway embroidered floor mats
  • Callaway SS key fobs
  • Callaway SS authenticity documentation
  • Callaway 3 year/36,000 mile limited warranty
  • Optional: Callaway extended 5 year/100,000 mile limited powertrain service contract
  • Optional: Callaway SS car cover
  • Optional: Callaway factory delivery

Callaway SS Performance
  • Maximum Horsepower: 570 bhp @ 6400 rpm (SAE)*
  • Maximum Torque: 535 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm (SAE)*
  • Zero-to-60 mph: 4.5 sec*
  • 1/4 mile ET/mph: 12.4 sec @ 110 mph*

*pre-production estimate


Callaway SS Engine

570 HP for the SS Sedan
Right off the transport ship from Australia, Chevrolet’s new SS sedan packs 415 bhp: respectful power for any four-door sedan. Chevrolet also provides performance-tuned suspension, massive brakes and world-class fit and finish, making the SS a terrific value for the price. Consequently, transforming the SS into a Super Sedan was not difficult for the engineers at Callaway. With an engine platform similar to the 2014 Camaro, Callaway supercharging, powertrain control calibration and emission compliance was simplified.

To power the Callaway SS, our engineers adapted the Eaton TVS2300 (Twin Vortices Series, 2300 cm3) supercharger system. It’s no coincidence that the Corvette ZR1 and the Camaro ZL1 use the same Eaton-manufactured supercharger internals, along with Audi and Jaguar. Eaton also supplies Roots-style superchargers to Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Nissan and Volkswagen. The Roots design provides a remarkable increase in peak power and an exceptionally broad, flat torque curve that is unequalled by centrifugal or twin screw superchargers. The high-helix angle, four-lobe TVS rotor design produces higher efficiency than any of its predecessors while retaining bulletproof reliability. The unique air-to-liquid intercooler design, integral with the intake manifold base, significantly lowers charge air temperature to further increase power and prevent engine-damaging detonation. To reduce power-robbing parasitic drag, an internal bypass valve diverts the inlet air flow path during idle, low-load cruising and deceleration, allowing the supercharger internals to spin freely. Consequently, Callaway SS fuel mileage is practically unchanged from stock Chevrolet SS fuel mileage. Callaway’s engine management calibration provides perfect street manners and 50-state emissions compliance will be achieved by the end of 2013. Callaway’s standard 3 year/36,000 mile Limited Warranty and optional 5 year/100,000 mile Limited Powertrain Service Contract demonstrate Callaway’s confidence in this systems-engineered package.

Callaway Positive Displacement
Callaway has a long history with positive displacement applications. From the first aftermarket BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and VW turbocharger systems developed by Reeves Callaway in the mid-1970′s, to the original equipment Callaway turbocharger system designed for Alfa Romeo used in the 1985-86 GTV-6, to the 1987-1991 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes built for Chevrolet, to the 5,500 turbocharger systems designed, developed and manufactured for the 2003-2003.5 MazdaSpeed Protegé, when it comes to providing engine performance at manifold pressures greater than 1 atmosphere, Callaway engineers have established a technological base that’s second-to-none.

Callaway SS Authenticity and Value

The Genuine Article
Callaway enjoys a long history of producing specialty vehicles that are highly valued, if not coveted. So much so that people have already begun to try, unsuccessfully, to produce copies of Callaway cars and trucks. Callaway remains vigilant, protecting Callaway owners, their vehicles’ value and Callaway’s brand reputation. Rest assured that no one can replicate a Callaway.

Callaway maintains a database that includes every Callaway C16, Callaway Corvette, Callaway Camaro and Callaway SportTruck it has produced, beginning with the first Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes built for Chevrolet in 1987. Callaway SS sedan information will also be stored in this database once production begins. Each of these records includes the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), as well as other specific vehicle information, including a chronicle of telephone and e-mail correspondence between Callaway personnel and each owner since the vehicle purchase. If someone needs to confirm whether a Callaway SS is authentic, they can call our Connecticut office with the car’s VIN. Other information is not shared without the explicit permission of the current owner.

In addition, Callaway SS emblems and many other components are manufactured exclusively for the Callaway SS and cannot be purchased separately. This is another element that makes cloning impossible. Callaway SS supercharger serial numbers are also kept in Callaway’s electronic database and correspond to cars’ specific VIN’s.

Callaway’s investment in its Marque ensures that vehicles branded Callaway enjoy excellent value. Recognition by NADA in their Exotic and Collectible Car Price Guide, reception at national specialty vehicle auctions, and Callaway’s unique relationship with vehicle OEM’s are just a few of the factors illustrating the maturity and power of the Callaway brand.

To provide documentation of your Callaway SS’ authenticity, Callaway supplies you with a letter from Reeves Callaway welcoming you to the Callaway family, Callaway warranty documents, Callaway SS promotional literature and your Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificate specifies the original owner’s name and address and certain vehicle information, including interior and exterior colors, Callaway options and VIN. Reeves’ signature serves as ultimate validation that your Callaway SS is the Genuine Article.

Callaway Chevy SS Specifications

6.2 liter (378 V8, 90°, cast aluminum block and heads; 6-bolt cross-bolted main caps
  • Supercharger: Eaton TVS2300 Roots-style; with air/liquid intercooler integral to intake manifold
  • Maximum Manifold Pressure: 44″ Hg, absolute (7 psig)
  • Bore x Stroke: 4.060 in. x 3.622 in.
  • Compression Ratio: 10.7:1
  • Maximum Power: 570 bhp @ 6400 rpm (SAE)*
  • Maximum Torque: 535 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm (SAE)*
  • Maximum Engine Speed: 6500 rpm
  • Fuel System: Increased flow fuel injectors
  • Ignition System: coil per cylinder
  • Throttle Body: 90mm diameter, drive-by-wire

  • Wheelbase: 114.8 inches (291.6 cm)
  • Track: front – 62.6 inches (159.0 cm); rear – 63.3 inches (160.8 cm)
  • Height: 58.7 inches (149.0 cm)
  • Length: 195.6 inches (496.8 cm)
  • Width: 74.8 inches (189.9 cm)

Fuel Economy
  • 15 mpg city/23 mpg highway

Performance Data
  • Zero-to-60 mph: 4.5 sec*
  • 1/4 mile ET/mph: 12.4 sec @ 110 mph*

*pre-production estimate


Callaway Chevrolet SS Build and Price

Callaway SS SC570 Package, 2014 - $18,695.
  • 570 bhp/525 lb-ft Supercharged Engine Package;
  • Roots-style TVS2300 Supercharger;
  • Liquid-to-air Intercooler, integral to intake manifold base (patent pending);
  • Increased flow rate fuel injectors;
  • Callaway High Flow Intake System;
  • Callaway Low Restriction Exhaust System;
  • Callaway Embroidered Floor Mats;
  • Callaway Badging, exterior and interior;
  • Callaway Underhood Plaque with Vehicle Identification Number;
  • Callaway SS Key Fobs, Two;
  • Callaway SS Authenticity Documentation;
  • Callaway 3 year/36,000 mile Limited Warranty

Callaway SS Optional Equipment - No Charge

  • Owner Delivery at Callaway Facility
  • Take delivery of your new Callaway SS at Callaway’s Connecticut or California facility. Includes plant tour, vehicle demonstration.
Callaway Extended Powertrain Service Contract (more info) - $2,900
  • Optional Callaway Extended Service Contract increases powertrain coverage from 3 years/36,000 miles to 5 years/100,000 miles. See Service Contract document for details.
Callaway SS Embroidered Car Cover - $540
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That answers my question on comparable pricing between Aus and NA. Walkinshaw package about 19k Australian.
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