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Build so far....

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As I had stated in the intro thread, I'm a new owner and just wanted to share my build (excitement) list thus far.
  • Ceramic coated American Racing long tube headers and X pipe (installed)
  • BMR subframe connector (installed)
  • drilled and slotted rotors front and rear (installed)
  • Holden badges front and rear (enroute)
  • ESR CS5 wheels in black (enroute)
  • chrome delete with black wrap (completed)
  • black wrapped roof (completed)

Next up will be springs, an intake, and then a tune. After those I'll start to replace all the wrapped chrome pieces with actual black pieces and then work on the interior with a chrome delete and Holden airbag. Last...... a cam.

I'll post pics once I get the wheels in and on next week.

Thanks for viewing and sharing in my excitement and enjoyment!!!

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Two words: Forced Induction.
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