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Broken Rocker

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I was going to have my 2016 tuned today, but the tuner noticed a mis-fire we checked the codes, the misfire codes were turned off by previous owner, showed a misfire cylinder 5 pulled the valve cover has a broken rocker. They look to be Yella Terra 1.7 rockers. Does anyone know if I can get just one cylinder or do I have to buy the whole set?
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To be fair, it's not new to see aluminum rockers fail on ls motors in street applications, regardless of Rev limit setting. Yella terras had a documented failure history on ls1tech. I had yella terras on a 383 and preemptively replaced them when I learned of the issue. If you don't want to deal with this, the oem rocker is a surprisingly durable substitute with a trunnion upgrade.
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