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Bay Area newbie

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My name is Jeff. I'm a life long Chevy fan and owner. My first car was a 1967 Chevelle Malibu. Since then I've owned several Chevy cars and trucks. Currently I own three Camaros ('95 Z28, '67 RS coupe, '67 "unplain" Jane coupe with a GMPP 350 and Tremec 5-speed); and an '02 Tahoe. I was planning on purchasing a new Camaro, but now that I'm a grandfather, I decided on something more practical, like the SS. ;)

I still haven't decided for sure. I need to wait a couple months until things improve financially before I pull the trigger. (I will definitely be buying a Chevy.)
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Welcome Jeff!!! You live about35 miles from me here in Oakley, near Brentwood. My name is Jere. I ordered a Silver SS from Dublin Chevrolet back in June. My current cars are 65 Chevelle Pro-Street(former high 8's, low 9's drag car), 68 427 Vette, 87 Suburban tow rig, and 2013 Malibu LT. We will have to get together sometime to bench race and BS.
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