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One case at a GM dealership recently illustrated the importance of proper battery maintenance and using GM-approved battery chargers or booster packs.

Using GM-Approved Battery Chargers and Booster Packs

Several vehicles returned to the dealership with both low-beam headlamps burned out. The cars had low mileage, but had been recently jump started after being in dealership inventory for several months. It was found that the non-approved booster pack used to jump start the cars was exceeding 20 volts at the headlamps, which caused the bulbs to be stressed during the jump start. Typically, the bulbs failed a few drive cycles later.

The use of non-approved battery chargers and boosters can also damage control modules and other electrical components. This damage is not covered by the new vehicle warranty. Warranty claims for component damage caused by non-approved equipment at the dealership may be debited.

TIP: The battery charger has to allow for an AGM selection when charging an Absorbent Glass Mat battery; otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the AGM battery.

Unless there's something about this in the user's manual, this is dealer/service department specific information. It never hurts for the consumer to use what the dealership uses, but if the owner is not informed of such things, they'll never know.
1 - 2 of 36 Posts