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Those really aren't bad numbers for stock LS3 with A6 trans. The L99's were basing around 325/335 with A6. I would be happy with the numbers ...

With a 18% loss with the A6, makes it about 440hp at the crank.
If Chevy is accurate with the 415hp number and not under-rating it at the crank then 360hp is about a 13.25% loss to the wheels... not bad... I'd really like to get a manual down the road though....I'm holding out for a manual.... even though it may never happen for the US version of the Commodore, and I may never be able to afford one anyway can dream lol.

I don't think GM certified this engine for the SS, it was when released for use in the Camaro. With that application it was rated at 426hp/420tq, and it picked up a bit when the EPSA was released. It is very possible the 415hp is just a conservative guess. The A6 (6l80) in the Camaro had a loss on average of 18%.
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