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Az/Cali ready for the SS

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Living in SoCal. Use to own a 88 GT Fiero and a 350z.
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welcome to the forum!

love 350z's, did you do any modifications to it?
do you actually plan on getting an SS?
No Mods on the 350, the only thing people were doing back then was throwing a turbo on them, but they didn't really have it down. I'm on the fence about the new SS. I was set on the new dodge Barracuda, but they delayed production on it. I'm thinking about pre-order on the SS, or waiting 6 months and getting it at a discount.
Huntington Beach any other member around the area?
I am, in Huntington Beach as a matter of fact! Near the Westminster Mall ;>)
welcome... i never liked fiero's, always thought they were ugly.
I'm in Irvine. Not too far from you guys in Huntington Beach. Have an order in for a new SS at Simpson Chevrolet in Garden Grove. NO word yet on production date or when I can expect delivery. My sales rep is still saying MSRP, no markup. I'll believe it when I see pricing in stone.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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