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Australia elects Senator from Motor Enthusiast Parrty

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Australians elect senator from Motoring Enthusiast Party - Autoblog

I'd join this party. I hate the the 2 parties we have now, especially the Party of Al Sharpton and the Obamatards.

If Obama had a son, he'd be Trayvon Martin.
If I had a son, it would be this Aussie Senator.
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Well, the SS is being built in Australia and Australia has a struggling auto industry. The party was partly made to support and advocate for the Australian auto industry.

The SS production is huge for the Australian car industry. The country doesn't get to export vehicles that often.

So it is a bit tangential, but it does have to do with the SS.
I can see some what it has to do with the auto industry but everyone one would be screwed not just the SS.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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