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ARH is looking for a car to test fit headers

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Guys, I just spoke to Nick at ARH and he is looking for someone to bring their car into their facility on Long Island to test fit/fabricate a set of headers. The thread by GXPayCheck shows that the connection pipes at the axle back are different from the G8 to the SS. It could be as simple as changing the connection style but they won't know until they physically get one at their shop. Nick said he would hook someone up so I suggest someone jump on it. If you do call, make sure you ask for Nick and you can tell him that Josh sent you. :cheers:
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I had looked into fitting a pair of their G8 headers on my SS for them to see if they fit. They wanted me to do all the work, and if I could get them to fit theyd bill me for them. I know it sounds cheap but I am not doing their R&D and then paying for the headers. Plus thats a ton of work to do and find out they dont fit. Just not in the business of working for free.
Yea that's why it's better if they can find someone local so they can do everything in house. They used my TBSS to develop headers for them. I wish I had a SS to lend them but I don't.
So after using your TBSS did they give you the headers or bill you $1800 for them? I can kinda see why they would want to bill for them since they do fit the application however, I will just wait till they have a specific part for my car before I donate labor to another company. Want to help the SS community but tearing apart my brand new car and trying to fit parts made for another vehicle just doesnt really make sense to me. Also they never replied to my email about possible oil cooler clearance issues so I just let the idea die.
I did pay for them but not full retail. Nick did say he would hook up whoever brought a car to them. I agree that I wouldn't want to be test fitting parts hoping that they fit, but I know for a fact that it won't connect to the axle back anyways.

Completely agree! If they want a car then they need to buy one just like Hennessey did.

If I put them on and they fit then they're mine....for free.
So they should buy a car to build one part for?? That makes no sense business wise...
Not agreeing or dis-agreeing, but all the big dogs do it. Callaway, Hennessey, Pfadt, etc. I have a set of ARH LTs on my 1LE, and I do like their products, but you can't skimp on R&D. Plus people will pay more for the car on the pre-owned market because it was Brand X's test and development car.

However, I think ARH needs to find an automatic G8 GXP for test development for the SS sedan;)
I understand what you are saying but also Callaway, Hennessey, PFadt all make multiple products for cars as opposed to one thing. Now ARH does take their time when developing products, it took them 3-4 weeks when I lent them my TBSS to develop the headers. And as always, ARH shows great gains on their header systems.

Anyways, has anyone taken them up on the offer yet?
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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