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Owner's manual description of park assist feature.
Note that the feature operates only below 5 mph. It is automatic in Reverse gear but must be turned on in any forward gear IF the vehicle has gone above 5 mph after reversing.

9-36 Driving and Operating
Assistance Systems for
Parking or Backing
When the vehicle is in R (Reverse),
the Rear Vision Camera (RVC) and
Rear Parking Assist may help the
driver to avoid a crash or to reduce
crash damage while backing and
parking. Some models may also
have Rear Cross Traffic Alert
(RCTA), Automatic Parking Assist
(APA), and/or Front Parking Assist.
When the vehicle is shifted into
R (Reverse), the RVC displays an
image of the area behind the vehicle
in the center stack display. When
the vehicle is shifted out of
R (Reverse), the screen returns to
the previous content, after a short
delay. To see the previous content
sooner, press one of the radio
buttons. If the message Service
Rear Camera System is displayed,
the vehicle may need service.
The RVC system does not display
children, pedestrians, bicyclists,
animals, or any other object
located outside the camera's field
of view, below the bumper,
or under the vehicle. Perceived
distances may be different from
actual distances. Do not back the
vehicle using only the RVC
screen, during longer, higher
speed backing maneuvers,
or where there could be cross
traffic. Failure to use proper care
before backing may result in
injury, death, or vehicle damage.
Always check behind and around
the vehicle before backing.
1. View Displayed by the Camera
1. View Displayed by the Camera
2. Corners of the Rear Bumper
Driving and Operating 9-37
Displayed images may be farther or
closer than they appear. The area
displayed is limited and objects that
are close to either corner of the
bumper or under the bumper do not
On vehicles with the Rear Cross
Traffic Alert (RCTA), a triangle with
an arrow may also display on the
RVC screen to warn of traffic
coming from either direction. This
system detects objects coming from
up to 20m (65 ft) from the left or
right side behind the vehicle. When
an object is detected beeps sound
from the left or right side, depending
on the direction of the detected
With Rear Park Assist, and if
equipped with Front Park Assist, as
the vehicle moves at speeds of less
than 8 km/h (5 mph) the sensors on
the bumpers detect objects up to
2.5m (8 ft) behind and 1.2 m (4 ft) in
front of the vehicle within a zone
25 cm (10 in) high off the ground
and below bumper level. These
detection distances may be less
during warmer or humid weather.
The parking assist system does
not detect children, pedestrians,
bicyclists, animals, or objects
located below the bumper or that
are too close or too far from the
vehicle. It is not available at
speeds greater than 8 km/h
(5 mph). To prevent injury, death,
or vehicle damage, even with
parking assist, always check the
area around the vehicle and
check all mirrors before moving
forward or backing.
An obstacle is indicated by audible
beeps. The interval between the
beeps becomes shorter as the
vehicle gets closer to the obstacle.
When the distance is less than
30 cm (12 in) the beeping is a
continuous tone for five seconds.
Beeps for Front Parking Assist are
higher pitched than for Rear Parking
Turning the Features On or Off
The "P"button near the shift lever
is used to turn on or off the Front
and Rear Parking Assist. The
indicator light next to the button
comes on when the features are on
and turns off when the features
have been disabled.
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