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Any owners in CT yet?

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Any CT owners yet? I'd like to take a gander at one while it's NOT on a dealer lot. :)
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If you were southbound on Rt25 below the flagpole by the police station, turning left onto Glover and I went by you on the right turning onto 302, then yes - it was me!
TeamDFIU (or anyone else in the area), any chance you might be able to help me out? Not sure exactly where you are in Fairfield County but I live in Wilton. My dealer called me this morning to inform me that they can deliver my new SS (I was among those awaiting the seat belt tensioner recall). In any event, the car is in Syracuse and I have never seen an SS up close, let along been inside of one. I did a quick search on autotrader and and it doesn't appear that there are ANY SS's for sale other than at Chevy dealers, where I suspect that they can not be out on the road due to the still pending final resolution of the recall. My understanding is that the recall resolution is a temporary fix being done for the cars awaiting delivery.

In any event, I'd be glad to show one (or both) of my two semi-interesting vehicles in exchange if you could spare some time to show your car? I have a 2004 WRX STi that has some modifications (original owner). I also have a low mile E36 M3 that is in nice shape. I suspect you won't have interest in my wife's '11 MDX but that could an option too. ;) Or if you have no interest in seeing any of the above, I'd also be glad to pass along a bottle of wine, or beer, or similar in exchange for your help.
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I'm not sure what you are asking for help with? Your message is not clear. Do you just want to see or drive an SS before going to the dealer?
Yes, sorry about that if I wasn't clear. I put a deposit on an SS after the seat belt recall but during the 20% rebate period. I've never driven an SS, let alone been next to one, or sat in one, etc. It would be a great help to have this opportunity before I actually buy my SS. However, there are none available within close distance of me and all of the ones within reasonable distance seem to be sold by Chevy dealers, which I believe cant be moved from the lot due to the seat belt recall (for those not following the gigantic recall thread, it appears that the temporary recall fix is only being done on the cars awaiting delivery with deposits). So, in any event, it would be a huge help just to check out a car and maybe get a ride to get a sense of the vehicle. I'd love to drive one but I realize that is a lot to ask, so we can leave that off the wishlist! And again, happy to give some compensation for your time and generosity, be it cash, or some beer, etc. Also happy to reciprocate with rides in my vehicles if there is interest.

Anyway, I fully expect that I will buy the car but the closest I have been to the experience is test driving an 04 GTO. I came to regret not getting in on the GTO and G8 GXP blowout deals that I passed on over the years, which is why I went forward with the deposit on the SS this time (plus I would like a new car, of course).
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Ditto... Not sure what you are asking for. I am in Newtown and know Wilton quite well having grown up in Weston and Westport.

Ay, sorry everyone... Hoping to get a closeup look at an SS. I have a deposit on one that is good to go with the temporary recall fix and dealer would like me to close the deal now. I have never seen or driven the SS. It is very hard to find one at a dealership nearby and none of those will be road worthy since the temp recall fix is only for sold cars awaiting delivery.

If you'd be willing to meet up (happy to come up to newtown) over the weekend to show your car and give a quick ride just to get a sense of the vehicle, it would be much appreciated. I'd be glad to give some cash, or something else of your choice, for your time.
We can make a meet out of it?

I'm in Woodbury. I can be in Newtown in like 15 minutes. My weekends are a little packed through October, but if you guys are meeting up i'd tag along if you aren't far and I can make it.
That would be cool with me! The one I am planning to get is red (the non-metallic one, whatever that color is called), automatic (sadly, semi-wife mandated, plus very good deal), and sunroof. At some point, I will probably get the livernois tune, intake, and catted long tubes if there is a good method for bolting to the dual mode cat back.

If we do meet up, I can bring up either the STi or the M3 depending upon which people might like to check out. The STi I've had since new in late 2003. It is running a very conservative tune but it is somewhat extensively modified at this point even though it looks stock minus the huge wing (ported manifold, cross pipe, uppipe, full turbo back catted exhaust, 20g turbo, intake, bigger spearco top mount intercooler, injectors, fuel pump, catch can... I think that's it, it's been a while).

The M3 I bought a couple years ago just to mix it up a bit. It is a 99 that I bought with about 60k on it. Surprisingly fun car. I thought it would scratch the itch for the M-Coupe that I didn't buy in 2001 (got an s2000 instead) --- but it hasn't really, even though I do really enjoy the car and drive it WAY more often than the STi, weather permitting, of course. The M3 is totally stock.
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Short notice but anyone up for meeting this Sunday (ie. tomorrow, 10/2)? Flexible on timing on my end.

Also, anybody know of a shops in the area that can do a good job with one of the semi-permanent paint coatings (ie. Optimum Opti-Coat or similar)? I am leaning towards getting this done professionally right after I take delivery. Or I might do it myself... decisions, decisions...

I also might have interest in someone that does tinting and/or wrapping (for some of the chrome bits, depending upon cost) if anyone knows of someone good.

Finally, I'm not quite ready for this yet, but any references for reliable tuners in the area would be good. I have worked with the guys at EFI Logics in Bethel for my Subaru and although they do some GM tuning, I think they are really more of an import shop. Plus, I know absolutely nothing about the tuner that they have now since the gentlemen that tuned my vehicle was killed in a freak accident several years ago.
I was out of state earlier this week and at the Big E on Sunday. Did you guys meet up? Do you still want to? As far as I know, I will be heading down to the Southwest corner of CT this Sunday, actually into New York for a picnic so I could stop by at some point.

Take care.
Hi Vernon, sent you a PM a minute ago. I would still very much be interested in meeting up...
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