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Any owners in CT yet?

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Any CT owners yet? I'd like to take a gander at one while it's NOT on a dealer lot. :)
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Any CT owners yet?
Do former CT residents count? I moved to FL 5 years ago from Fairfield County but still have relatives all over the place up there... :)

Have a good relationship with a Chevy dealer in Fairfield (especially their parts manager, whom I've known for 20+ years and still get parts from) if you wanted to check one out.
Picked up a PB 2015 manual yesterday. In Woodbury. I know rob and the guys up there too.. Had a g8 and gto before this.
WoodburyMan - You and I are pretty close. I've recently moved back to CT from FL and am back in Newtown...
I've seen a silver one in Newtown twice over the past couple weeks so there might be another one around us...
There's a car show in a few weeks here in Newtown - we could all decend there: Calendar ? REACH Newtown
There is a good chance the silver one you saw is now mine, I just bought a silver 14 with roof and spare week ago, but the previous owner apparently lived somewhere in the Danbury area. I am over in Hopewell Junction, NY (about 30 min west on I84).
If you were southbound on Rt25 below the flagpole by the police station, turning left onto Glover and I went by you on the right turning onto 302, then yes - it was me!

I'm not sure what you are asking for help with? Your message is not clear. Do you just want to see or drive an SS before going to the dealer?
Ditto... Not sure what you are asking for. I am in Newtown and know Wilton quite well having grown up in Weston and Westport.
I think Newtown or nearer to Danbury is best... More central for the others that would want to come as well, easy on/off Rt84...
There sure and a ton of wholes being put in the pockets. Anyone going to Caffeine and Carburetors in New Cannan this weekend?
I plan to be there. Not sure if I will have time to clean the SS and show it while there though...
There is a lot of contention for shows this weekend as it's the end of the season. The Caffeine & Carburetors show in New Canaan is going to pull the most people, especially for this date. The Seymour show is a judged one with pre-reg from what I could see from the flyer. The Redding & Darien shows are for pre'60 or pre'90 cars so we'd likely be shunted to spectator parking. I plan to be in New Canaan if I go anywhere.
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