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General Motors is Busy with development of the next-generation Chevrolet Camaro.

GM consider the current car as a big success, and the automaker is cautiously taking steps to avoid screwing up the next generation pony.

The car is due in the fall of 2015.

What’s the issue? Well, there are several, says Al Oppenheiser, Camaro’s chief engineer.

Weight reduction is one.

“We always get hammered for mass, and that’s not going to be getting easier going forward” with the upcoming CAFE regulations, Oppenheiser said.

“Displacement, number of cylinders, all of these things you need to think about.”

Then there’s styling.

“This is a very successful car,” he said during an interview this month at a Chevrolet press event. “In some ways it is actually going to be tougher” to create the redesigned car, which will be the Camaro’s sixth generation.

“Do you make it look like a second-gen?” he said, refering to the 1970-1981 Camaro. Or “do you make it look like the first gen?” — a reference to the 1967-1969 model.

Oppenheiser won’t say which direction the team is leaning, but you can understand the concern.

Camaro held 42 percent of the rear-drive performance coupe market in 2011, composed of the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and a recent newcomer, the Hyundai Genesis coupe.

Chevrolet sold 88,249 Camaros last year, followed by Mustang, 70,438, and the Challenger, 39,534.

This year the Camaro has nearly 40 percent of the market. Mustang sales are up, giving it about 35 percent share.

On the horizon is the redesigned Mustang, expected for the 2015 model, the car’s 50th anniversary. Though Oppenheiser didn’t mention it, the new Mustang has the potential to become the No. 1 player, surpassing Camaro.

Oppenheiser stays in close communication with Tom Peters, design director for GM’s performance cars. Peters’ group is designing the next Camaro.

“We talk with our teams about what would you do to top the current Camaro or not top it, at least make sure you don’t lose what you have today.”

Said Oppenheiser: “We always have to stay fresh and ahead. But we do not want to lose the fact that we have nearly 40 percent of the market.”

Details of the All New 2015 Camaro Leaked | USAutoDaily

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this may be good to look at, but not from the inside looking out.
I agree, you would need cameras everywhere to a point you don't have to look outside, just look at camera's LOL.

It's just a conceptual rendering though, but the new trend in the automotive world with somewhat futuristic looking cars is a downwards sloping roof with small rear 1/4 panel windows and small rear windshields so chances are the new camaro may need a back up camera. also somewhere i read all cars are suppose to have back up cameras by 2014 or 2015.

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Thanx for the rendering, it looks sleak!

But, I can't imagine being inside that thing.
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