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All season tires

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Hope to live long enough to have my SS delivered. No idea when. Ordered in Sept. (Black with sun roof and spare). Living in Montana I will need all season tires. Have seen snow in late May and early Sept. Has anyone had experience with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season Ultra High Performance Tires. They are made in the right sizes. Thanks!
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Are you commenting based on specs/price, or from personal experience?

The one thing we all tend to do is trust manufacturer data or comments posted by others. They may seem really good when new, but what happens after 6 months or 10K miles? I had a set of these on another SS several years ago, and unless they have been improved, I have to say that after a period of time they became quite noisy. Replaced with Michelins and what a relief--I would have sworn I had a wheel bearing problem before changing the tires.

For a car of this stature, my personal approach would be to use the best tires possible, with price as the last consideration.
From personal experience.
I don't need to trust them.
I need to demand new tires if they don't make the mileage, or get a refund from my credit card company.
Michelins are the best tires that money can buy......they also cost the most.
This stature?:laugh:
If price was your last consideration, buy the CTS-V or Vsport.
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