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Quick question, as I just learned my neighbor's car had stuff stolen from it overnight last night.

I know they're pretty much useless, but I'd still have a little peace of mind knowing that the alarm system is activated when the car is locked via Passive Locking. I assume it does, but I found no mention of the fact in the manual.

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Check this from manual.

2-14 Keys, Doors, and Windows

Vehicle Security
This vehicle has theft-deterrent
features; however, they do not make
the vehicle impossible to steal.
Vehicle Alarm System
This vehicle has an anti-theft alarm
The security light, on the instrument
panel near the windshield, indicates
the status of the system:
Off: Alarm system is disarmed.
On Solid: Vehicle is secured
during the delay to arm the system.
Fast Flash: Vehicle is unsecured.
A door, the hood, or the trunk
is open.
Slow Flash: Alarm system is
Arming the Alarm System
1. Turn off the vehicle.
2. Lock the vehicle with one of the
. Use the RKE transmitter.
. With a door open, press Q
on the interior of the door.
3. After 30 seconds the alarm
system will arm, and the
indicator light will begin to slowly
flash indicating the alarm system
is operating. Pressing Q on the
RKE transmitter a second time
will bypass the 30-second delay
and immediately arm the alarm
The vehicle alarm system will not
arm if the doors are locked with
the key.

If the driver door is opened without
first unlocking with the RKE
transmitter, the horn will chirp and
the lights will flash to indicate a
pre-alarm. If the vehicle is not
started, or the door is not unlocked
by pressing K on the RKEtransmitter during the 10-second
pre-alarm, the alarm will be
The alarm will also be activated if
the passenger door, the trunk, or the
hood is opened without first
disarming the system. When the
alarm is activated, the turn signals
flash and the horn sounds for about
30 seconds. The alarm system will
then re-arm to monitor for the next
unauthorized event.
Disarming the System
To disarm the system, do one of the
. Press K on the RKE transmitter.
. Start the engine.
To avoid setting off the alarm by
. Lock the vehicle with the RKE
transmitter after all occupants
have exited.
. Always unlock the vehicle with
the RKE transmitter, or use the
Keyless Access system.
Unlocking the driver door with
the key will not disarm the
system or turn off the alarm.

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Yep, and nowhere does it mention the Passive Locking feature with regards to the security system. It mentions locking with the RKE button or door button. Also is not mentioned in the Passive Locking portion of the manual. Hence my initial question.

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I think that the Passive Lock is just a delayed lock. Same effect as pushing the button on the RKE. That would mean the alarm is set. You can confirm that by checking the flash speed of the security light. Page 2-14

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My kids have set off the alarm by opening the door from the inside after it passive locked. It works fine.

If you want to test it, roll down the window, let it passive lock, then open the door.
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