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accessories - customer care question

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If you go here:

Holden Car Accessories & Parts -

and select commodore ss-v redline sedan (our ss) you get a laundry list of good stuff!

So maybe you guys at customer care can find out when we are going to see some or all of these available as Chevrolet accessories?
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Possibly a necessity for us guys here in the states to find a friend in Australia.

Some of the Holden stuff has the logo on it and I can't see then making up some of the items with the bow tie or SS logo for the limited quantity they may sell.

I do like the headlight protectors but I would need to know how they attach?

I also like the 'powerpoint' for the trunk. I found the installation instructions on another forum for the VE. It is 'hot' all the time and would be a great place to plug in the battery tender! But it seems that it makes the battery access panel (not the door) way harder to get off when you need to change the battery.
The Stainless steel SS sill plates could work the only thing would be the difference in Font. I have seen some items like Black fender vents, Red or Black grill surrounds and a few other bits n bobs pop up on Ebay.

A couple sellers either do or may ship internationally
Our cars come with this: Sill plate, bright accent.

I'm thinking this is the Holden accessory SS sill plate but we will know for sure soon enough!
here's a pic of the Aus SS sill plate and logo
pic is copied from the Holden accessory page!
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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