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I've never had a car quite like this one, or felt this way about a car. I've never had a car feel so right to me, feel like a part of me. Seven years later and my SS stirs emotion within that is hard to describe.
THIS! I can't begin to explain it, but I've never been so attached to a car. Six years in and it still gives me a thrill Every Single Time I get innit.

But boy howdy, I've been veeeerrrry attached to some motorcycles. The MotoMistress** in particular. Night before I was selling it I went and sat on the bike in the garage and cried like a baby at the thought of parting.

**1988 Honda Hurricane 1000 aka CB1000F. A mistress would have gotten me killed for sure, the bike, only maybe. Plus with the bike I could stay in the saddle riding all day, a mistress, only maybe.
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