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7 months of ownership

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Today is my ute's 7 month birthday.
In this time I have covered 11,100 km's.
I have had no issue's with the car.
My only gripe really is the heavy fuel consumption.
And, if I really nit pick, the cup holders.

Something that's not the cars fault, but mine, is that on several
occasions I have pulled the handbrake button thinking it's
the power window switch. (on my VE (G8) the power window switches are in the console)

In 7 months we have done several 1000 km runs, lots of towing, in which the car excels, and a lot of daily driving.

All in all it is a terrific car.....

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Good to hear. I'm glad no issues with the ute so far. I just wish they would send that wagon in the middle of the bottom picture over :)
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