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4th Annual Southeast G8 Extravaganza July 25-27, 2014 West Palm Beach, FL

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I will update this page as more details become available. For those unaware of this event, this is the 4th year. Year 1 & 2 were held in Orlando, and Year 3 was held in Tampa last year. We had a total of 60 Unique G8's throughout the weekend last year, despite rain all weekend! We still had a blast, ask anybody who made it!

Now, before you get the wrong idea...we welcome all Holden based cars. We had a couple GTO's, and a PPV Caprice last year. We welcome, and appreciate the 2014 SS, and hope you join us. If the attendance of SS's is good enough, we may rename the event and create classes for the SS in 2015.

For the most 'Up to date' info, join the event at

Save The Dates.....

Friday 7/25/14: 6PM Until
Saturday 7/26/14: All Day
Sunday 7/27/14: Partial Day

Location Plan A: Palm Beach Gardens Area
Location Plan B: Fort Lauderdale Area
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