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283 ss april sales.

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283 ss april sales.
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So true. I wonder what the final production numbers are for 2014 since they are now tooling up for 2015 orders and not taking anymore 2014 orders...will be interesting to see if they are trying to reach a stretch manufacturing goal for 2014, something like 4000 cars so they can be confident in keeping the SS around for several years.
Can't be pushing for a stretch manufacturing goal when orders were stopped on Dec 10th.
Both, my dealer told me that they couldn't order one either. Customer orders are generally built ahead of dealer orders, customer orders do not count against the dealer's allocation unless the customer doesn't buy it at time of delivery, then it does go against the dealer. Dealers had their orders in last summer based upon their allocation. Allocation was based upon the number of rear wheel performance cars sold the previous year, which in this case would have been 2012.

For total sales:
wrong info
Direct quote from the dealership sales manager when I ordered mine, signed all the paperwork on Saturday, I was told the order would go in first thing Monday morning, only to find out GM stopped taking orders. I'll let him know.
Well the fact that GM stopped taking orders on December 13, 2013 kinda tells you something about his knowledge base and/or truthfulness.

I stand by my statement 100% for I speak what I know.
Yes, it was in December, I was looking for a Spring delivery. Found out Monday afternoon that they stopped taking orders, just missed it after signing all the paperwork on Saturday. Fortunately they had the exact one I wanted on order, which I already knew, they wanted me to take that one. I wanted one built with my name on it, the order number, tracking etc. I also did not want it before Spring. They did not know when the one they ordered would be in, they said they placed their orders over the summer and the cars just started coming in the beginning of November, almost 6 months. They had a Black, Red, and Silver on the lot, with more on the way. We had the whole order conversation, allocations, etc. Manager finally gave the go ahead to order, we signed everything. On Monday when they called, I was thinking they were back to trying to get me to take the one they had on order. I called Chevrolet, had to elevate to a supervisor, who confirmed they stopped taking orders. I also checked this forum for info, and yes it was confirmed on this site. They were being honest and probably didn't know orders stopped on Friday. I got a call in February that the Mystic Green just came off the truck and they would put my name on it if I was still interested. I went down to see it in the garage, filthy from the shipping with 3 miles on it. I said I would take it, but not until March, Manager agreed, they put a sold sign on it and parked it in the back lot. I spoke with the sales guy weekly, who reassured me no one would drive that car, no test drives. He said it would only move for snow plowing. and then just over to the next row. They kept their word.
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