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Another year in the books, I'm still around, and I still have my SS. I still love it for being the ultimate boring sleeper it is too.

I recently completed a TOTD run with the boys. Because everyone was so cooped up all summer this year was rowdy. I didn't have a single race this summer myself, so i was itching to get out. Thankfully the SS came ready to throw down. I kept telling everyone it was driver mod but nobody believed me. Half the trip was road rally(we're all budget wannabe supercar owners who have only recently grown out of boy toys like miatas, civics, and dsm's) and half binge drinking. I know some of the group was thankful i had the SS because at one point i was hauling 5 people. Due to a number of unfortunate reasons. The SS did fantastic, it's so good in it's stock form with just the pilot super sports.




I also have a pretty long video of a completely solo run down the tail. Let my friends get a pretty heavy head start and still caught them.

Hope you enjoy.
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