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2018 Holden Winter Nats - Sponsored by: Circle D - SOLO & Blazing High Performance

Event Link:
Event Website: Annual Show & Track Event

We took what was RCR’s "legendary" track rental date where He stole killer times with some deadly DA and teamed up with Rick Crawford to make a race/show event here in Fayetteville, NC.

Indoor car show at the local Expo Center followed by a full day of racing and time runs. We even picked the fancy Embassy Suites hotel to stash your wife and kids by all kinds of places they can spend money if they get board of car stuff.

You don't want to be the guy at home on facebook looking at everyone's videos, pics, and time slips on December 9th Most of you have already heard of it, sponsors are pooling in, but it's not the best event without YOU. Rick is going to be racing in the Pro-Street Power-Adder class to hassle some of the fastest street builds in the country, or be doing what He normally does and try to get some sick, fast time slips.

Either way, He looks forward to running around between cars tuning and going fast! It's going to be awesome! Models for car pictures, videos, and whatever else we can think to do. It's already planned to have bleachers and a large area set aside to completely melt down and annihilate a set or rear hides. Guys that have been supporting the G8 ,SS, PPV, and GTO's in either "GO" or "Show" are jumping in as sponsors to help make this event great! Setting up everything takes a lot of work, So hurry up and register so we can work on our thing and get this event as awesome as possible!


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