Houston, TX

I bought this car brand new off the lot on Black Friday 2017. Flew to New Orleans to pick it up as supply was getting slim in Texas. She has been very good to me and I've loved every minute of this car. Thought I'd own it forever but 2 kids in 2 years will rearrange your priorities. So it's time to get a truck.

As of posting this, the car has 45,822 miles but this is my daily and I probably average 10 miles a day to and from work.

Interior Condition:

The interior is nearly perfect. The backseat behind the driver held an infant car seat for about a year so there's a small imprint in the leather. No scratches or tears in the seats. I have a pretty small frame so the seat bolsters are in perfect shape. Seats have been treated with leather conditioner about every 6 months.

I've had Weathetech mats in the car since I brought it home and have the stock carpet mats stored safely in the garage since so they are in brand new condition.

Exterior Condition:

I've only ever hand washed this car with two bucket wash to keep swirls and scratches to a bare minimum. The paint is in excellent condition with the exception of some highway chips on the nose a couple around the front fenders.

There is a small door ding above the rear driver side fender. The rear driver wheel has some curb rash about an inch long in one spot and the rear right has a small one, maybe about a centimeter.

Finally, the rear bumper has a small scuff on its bottom edge, maybe about 2 inches long. Happy to provide detailed photos if you're interested.


This car has a few minor mods including:
- Eibach lowering springs
- BMR subframe connectors
- RotoFab cold air intake
- Livernois mail in tune

Lastly, the passenger seat airbag sensor is in need of replacement. My dealer has not been able to find a replacement and I haven't made much of an attempt to figure it myself and have a local shop install, but I suspect that's the best option.

I think I've touched on all of the important details but let me know if you have any questions.