Although the SS isn’t my only vehicle, it is my primary, so the miles will likely increase.
Clean title in hand. Selling as-is, where-is. No warranty, implied or otherwise.

ProCharger and all of the other engine mods installed by myself at 28,636 miles.
Tuned by TDC Performance in Mobile, AL. with HPTuner and is unlocked.

Appearance Mods:
Holden badge conversion. DIC and radio still sport the bowtie.
Front-end, side markers and rear Holden badge chrome delete (blackout)
Niche M190 Gamma matte black wheels 19 x 8.5 with Atlas Force UHP 255/40R19 tires. Square setup for rotation. Stock 2016 staggered wheels can be included in the sale at no extra cost, if buyer opts.
Ceramic window tint 32% sides & rear. The front is “clear”, but still supposedly ceramic.

Drivetrain Mods:
Skip-shift eliminator
C.H.E. Performance trunnion & bushing kit
Kooks 1-7/8” LTH w/hi-flow cats, 3” X-pipe into stock bimodal mufflers
180 degree t-stat
@ 28,636 miles the following work was completed;
ProCharger D1SC w/helical gears, tri-core intercooler. Dyno’d @ 648.38 RWHP and 541 TQ on 90+ oct pump gas, and stock fuel pump.
ATI crank balancer
Deatschwerks 65 LB/Hr fuel injectors
Autolite Iridium XP5243 spark plugs
“Crazy Joe” camshaft. Cam Specs: 215/247, .60x/.62x, @ .050″, 119+2 LSA
BTR basic cam kit
Mueller high-flow oil pump
Elite Engineering oil catch can system

No open recalls
Engine oil changes done at regular intervals using 5w-30 full synthetic motor oil and Mobil1 oil filter.
ProCharger oil changes done at recommended intervals.
Transmission fluid changed @ ~24k miles with Amsoil 100% synthetic
Engine coolant flushed @ 28,636 (during ProCharger & cam install)
Brake rotors & pads replaced @ ~35k miles. Front rotors = PowerStop, rear = ACDelco Premium. Brake pads = PowerStop carbon fiber + ceramic
New battery installed Nov 10, 2020
K&N washable cabin air filter
Extra K&N air filter included (for the ProCharger)
Brake/clutch fluid needs flushing. Plus, the rear diff oil needs changing.

3D MAXpider all-weather floor mats front & rear. Originals will be included with the sale.
Aftermarket speakers - Infinity separates up front & coaxial in the rear doors. Stock “subwoofers” are retained.
Radenso Pro M radar detector w/mirror mount and wiring kit. Properly wired into the DOC port.
HD dashcam system. 1 camera mounted on the front windshield and 1 camera mounted on the rear window. The front controls both cameras.
The headliner is fully intact.
Okay, now for the reality that this is a used, daily driven, vehicle and all of its not so perfect details.
Must Read Disclaimer: The following represents all of the items that I can recall being made aware of. My intent is not to hide anything that is, or may become compromised in the near future. It is up to the buyer to decide if they opt-in/out of having a pre-purchase inspection done. Any PPI findings doesn’t guarantee a price reduction, but may be considered.

CarFax will show that the car was involved in a minor accident. This happened while in the original owner’s possession, and supposedly was less than $500 in repairs. The impact was to the right-rear side of the rear bumper. After about a month of ownership I discovered that 1 of the “ears” on the spare tire well that supports the rear bumper was broken off and not repaired. It still remains missing, but it hasn’t posed a problem, so I haven’t bothered looking for a permanent fix.

Next up, the windshield has a bullseye rock chip in close proximity of the drivers view. Additionally, the perimeter edge of the windshield has something going on that can only be described in the included pictures.
As far as I’m aware, it’s the original windshield.

Shortly after purchasing the car, I had clear PPV applied to the front quarter of the car (fascia and hood), plus the A pillars and about 8-inches of the roof. The installer cheaped out and the vinyl discolored after about a year, so, the vinyl had to come off. There’s still a few minor paint blemishes due to “road rash”... I’ll try to include pictures that show the detail.
While removing the PPV from the lower grille, using the recommended method, the vinyl just stripped off of a huge chunk of the paint. This makes me think the installer used too much heat to apply the PPV, IDK. I’d planned on applying VVIVID XPO carbon fiber vinyl vs painting as a fix. I have the vinyl, but not the time to apply it.

Next up, the drivers side mirror has an ever so slight haze that I didn’t notice at the time of purchase, due to the fact that it was storming and the rain masked the issue. I haven’t found anything that will remove the haze, and I don’t want to risk making it worse by using too harsh of a cleaner. The visibility isn’t affected.

Next up, there’s a small paint blemish on the passenger side wheel well, located about 14:00…. I’ll include a picture. This happened while in my possession and was professionally repaired using the paintless dent repair method…

Next up, the driver’s seat has side bolster wear from the PO dragging his ass on the seat entering the vehicle.
As stated in the intro, the car does get driven frequently, but primarily to work and back home. My daily commute is 50 miles round trip and approximately 85% of the 50 miles are highway miles.

Asking price is $46,500. Payment method shall be via wire transfer only. Sorry, checks are too cumbersome to deal with.
Selling as-is, where-is. No warranty, implied or otherwise. It is up to the buyer to decide if they opt-in/out of having a pre-purchase inspection done.

More photos available upon request. I will post a link to the walk around video soon.

Let me know if you have any questions not covered in the above.